The following is my review of the book Radio Free Vermont. This is actually Part One of my review, because there’s an awful lot I neglected to mention. Like what the story’s about and all that. Just a few little details.

So … consider this a preview of coming attractions. I guess. 🙂

I’m reviewing Radio Free Vermont by Bill McKibben. Or, at least, I’ll start off by telling you this!

If you want to start a movement, read this book, but don’t follow the advice or else you’ll be living in a satirical novel like this one. And one that has a lot to offer for us today. And by the way, and that reminds me, yeah, a lot to offer us today? Good heavens, this is actually a contemporary book. And I had to keep reminding myself of that. I thought, Was this written in the Sixties? No, no, no. It was written … Perry’s in there, and he’s … there’s a character named Perry who’s a computer nerd and handles all the Internet-y stuff. I mean, there are modern references all over the place, but I kept thinking, I feel like this was written in the Sixties. So, um, yay, Vermont! Anyway, fun book and I loved it. And five stars. That’s it. Talk to you later.

PS: Seriously, I was not stoned sober as a judge when I created this review. 🙂

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