Hi, today I’m reviewing Agatha Christie: First Lady of Crime. Another one I read on my Kobo, and I enjoyed the book.

I’ve never been a huge Christie fan. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like Agatha Christie. It’s just that really, when I started getting serious about writing mysteries, the writer who actually prompted my interest in, you know, in seriously writing mysteries was Dorothy L. Sayers. So, it’s interesting and odd. I mean, because I remember reading Christie, and I saw the movies and stuff, but I was never really that captivated by her. Anyway, reading this book has given me a whole new appreciation for Agatha Christie. I gotta say, as a writer, as a person, in every possible way. And it discusses her work in every media pretty much. I mean, it goes through her life and what she was like as a person, how she grew up and it’s fascinating.

And then it discusses the different ways that her work has been presented in different countries, under different titles, which is interesting. I’ve always wondered about that. Why I wonder and why different covers too? Why are there different covers in the UK than in the US? I don’t know. Maybe because we spell it c-o-l-o-r. And you spell it. c-o-l-o-u-r. I don’t know. I’m kidding. Pay no attention to me. Anyway, Agatha Christie is pretty cool. So read all about her in this book. It’s good. Really good. And I’ll talk to you later. Thanks! Bye!

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