Hi! 🙂 My latest book review on YouTube is for Modesty Blaise: The Silver Mistress.

Today, I’m going to review another crime-oriented book, Modesty Blaise: The Silver Mistress by Peter O’Donnell. I’m a big fan … I’m taking as much off of the cover as I can, because this came to me on interlibrary loan. Unfortunately, Howard County doesn’t have any of the Modesty Blaise books, but I’ve read the first one and I’m hooked on the series.

Modesty Blaise is kind of like a female version of James Bond—sort of. She’s a very interesting character and very strong, and she’d be the perfect protagonist for a movie. I think they even tried to make a movie or maybe they did make a movie out of her books. I’m not sure.

But definitely she’s the kind of protagonist that is appealing today, since allegedly the entertainment industry is looking for strong female characters. Well, this is a strong female character, and I find the books really fun to read. They are older, so some of what’s in there might seem a little dated. But be that as it may, I still enjoy the Modesty Blaise books and will read more of them. So if you like strong female protagonists this is a great book to read. Thanks! Talk to you later.

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