Hi everyone. Today I am reviewing To Catch a Storm by Mindy Mejia. I hope that’s right. Anyway, To Catch a Storm. Wow. This one really had me going. I mean, I was just like, I loved it from the beginning actually, because the main character is a woman. I think of her as the main character, though it’s told from different perspectives, if I’m remembering this correctly, it’s been a while. Yeah. There’s Jonah. Yeah, there’s Jonah, the psychic, and then there’s the policeman. Okay. Yeah. It’s coming together now, Debbi. I remember this, really. It’s just a wonderful read and it’s the kind of thing I can easily see being turned into a movie. I mean, it’s just nicely, just beautifully written and the story is just enthralling. I loved it from the beginning because this woman is a scientist, so she’s approaching everything very scientifically and logically, and when her husband disappears and his car is found on fire and people are thinking, is he dead?

Has he run off? Did he have a mistress? Oh my God, all this stuff is coming up. And she’s like, I never knew this about him. But it’s funny, the changes, the expectations that are set up and knocked down in this book are fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. And so, yeah, just thank you Mindy Mejia for that. Yes, thank you. Mindy Mejia. I hope that’s the way you say your name. I did love this book so much and really would recommend it highly for people who enjoy suspense, thrillers, mysteries, and having your expectations defied in various ways. Fantastic plot twists. That’s it. This book has it all. Yes. Including climate change stuff. Weird tornado? I don’t know. Anyway, I just loved it. The end. Talk to you later.

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