Hi! I’m reviewing The Great American Deception by Scott Stein. Scott Stein, yes. “A robust caffeinated comedy.”

I really enjoyed this book a lot. There’s something about it. It’s hardboiled whimsical. It’s kind of like a parody of a hardboiled mystery. And has this dystopian setting in a mall. Everybody’s like living in this mall and the detective is a guy who just loves coffee. So I got to like that about him, because I’m a big coffee freak myself.

So anyway, it’s funny. I thought it was clever. It was one of the books that was submitted for the Hammett Award. I’m just so sorry. it couldn’t get any kind of recognition, because personally I just loved the book, and you know, not everybody can get picked for these things and it kind of hurts when I have to say, well, all right, I’ll just set that aside, if I must. Then, I’ll just point it out to people later and say, this was really great. I loved it. If you like a combination of science fiction and mystery, this is a good book. And if you like humour, like say Douglas Adams type humour, you’ll like this book. Trust me on that. And that’s it for me for now. And I’ll talk to you later.

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