Hi today, I’m reviewing The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton. This is a really good book. It’s written from the perspective of the female half of a couple who goes around swindling people or actually they’re like con artists, I guess. They do it on these cruise ships and things. That’s how they get together. I think they’re working a cruise ship, and in any event, the story takes place on a boat. And when you’re on a boat, there’s like nowhere to go. <laugh>. So to me, this is like not a refuge for somebody. But having said that, I gotta say that this book is highly readable. Almost unputdownable. Oh, no. Um, that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. <Laugh> It is un-put-downable.

I can’t get it out of my hands. Uh, yeah. <Laugh> So really though, I like the book a lot and it’s a great story. A woman who got separated, was divorcing, I don’t know, this husband who got her into this life of con artistry. And I have to admit that I saw the ending coming, but having said that I read a lot of mysteries, keep in mind. I do this for a living or a something. [Write mysteries for a living or I used to, anyhow.] I don’t know, a hobby? Anyway, I, I live off of air. No, no, wait, hold on. Okay. I’m getting to the point of this review really, <laugh> which is that she’s separated from her husband. Maybe he’s dead. Maybe he’s alive. Nobody knows for sure. So … but strange things are happening and it’s not good.

She’s getting these like threats and things. And is it him? Is it somebody else? She doesn’t know who to trust. I gotta tell you, it’s a great read though. I mean, even though I saw, I figured, okay, it’s gotta be so-and-so or whatever. Okay. Even having said that, I couldn’t put this book down. Really. I mean, I literally just toward the end, it’s just like, oh my God. You know? Ah … <laugh> so anyway. Yeah. Good, good story. Five stars. I enjoyed it very, very much. I hope you enjoyed this review. <laugh> Cause this is as silly as it gets. I think. <Laugh>.

Yes. Things get kind of punchy when you’ve got a whole bunch of these waiting to be reviewed. These and more. <Laugh>. Yes.

PS: Hard to tell this review was auto-transcribed, right? 🙂 <Laugh>

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