Hi! Today, I’m reviewing The Comfort of Distance by Ryburn Dobbs. It’s the first novel in the Sebastian Grey series, I believe. In any case, it’s really interesting. It’s especially interesting if you like anthropology, particularly forensic anthropology, because this really gets into it in a big way.

So if you’re into all those scientific details, you’ll probably love this book. I gotta tell you, because it really gets into those details. And the character, the anthropologist is an interesting character. He is very shy and almost too painfully shy in a way. He’s just real reticent about all sorts of things. And his brother is this very different country sheriff, I guess. Anyway, he’s in charge in the police department, and there’s this romantic subplot in there as well. It’s kind of a combined crime procedural anthropological love story. How does that sound? Anyway, worth checking out. Definitely. And I enjoyed it very much. So with that, I will just say thanks. And I’ll talk to you–

One more t’ing! 🙂

One more t’ing!

Oh, and I should have mentioned that he helps his brother out with an investigation, a murder investigation. It’s actually a skull that they find and they end up having to use the brother to help find the body. I won’t go into all the details because you don’t wanna hear all the details. You wanna read them, right? Sure. Okay.

That’s it then. Talk to you later! 🙂

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