Hi, today I’m reviewing the book Natural Beauty by Ling Ling Huang.

I think that’s how it’s pronounced. H U A N G. In any case, this was a really good book. It’s about a musician, I believe. She’s a Chinese-American musician, and she’s an exquisite pianist and had this remarkable future ahead of her as a pianist, but gave it up in the wake of an accident that her parents underwent and it leaves them debilitated, and she’s forced to get a job, I guess. And she gets involved with this holistic beauty and wellness company. So from there, well, things get very dark rather quickly, actually. I mean, she becomes quite hooked on this whole system that they have. And really gets into it, and without revealing any spoilers, I don’t want to talk too much about the plot, just to say that here you have this company that’s almost cult-like, and I’m trying to sit up straighter. Sorry, I have a tendency to lean to the left ever since I had a stroke, unfortunately. And of course, dystonia is not helping, and it is still Dystonia Awareness Month, so I thought I would throw that in there.

Anyway, having said that, there’s a lot in there about our obsession with beauty, with looks, with … there are cultural themes in here having to do with different ethnicities, expectations for children, all this kind of stuff. And it’s all wrapped up in this kind of a thriller where you know she’s getting sucked into something really bad and it takes her a while to figure it out. And the results are pretty devastating. I will say that it’s been a while since I’ve read this, frankly, and I have just for some reason not gotten around to reviewing it until now, but it was remarkable enough to where I felt like I had to because people should read this book. It’s really, really good. And on that note, I will just say thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you later.

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