Hi, today I’m reviewing two books as well as I can since it’s been so many months since I last read them. <laugh>. Frankly the problem with reading ebooks sometimes is that I don’t have the book physically there to remind me to review it.

And the thing is, I loved both these books. One is Margot Mertz Takes it Down by Carrie McCrossen and Ian McWethy.

Yes, I really love this book. This is a YA book. It’s about a girl who takes stuff off the internet that is embarrassing to people and apparently there is a spate of revenge porn going on at this school against girls and being used against them. And so she is asked to take this stuff down and she’s made a little side gig out of it actually, I guess. And then I believe a teacher or somebody comes to her and has problems and wants her to take that down, so things get interesting. And I love the protagonist. She’s just such a great protagonist. She’s just the kind of person you would absolutely love to see depicted on TV. I mean she has that “Veronica Mars” thing going. Yeah, definitely.

The other book I want to review is The Verifiers by Jane Pek.

Yeah, this one I haven’t read for a while, but the protagonist is an interesting woman, I believe she’s Asian American and she’s living in New York and she’s young single and works for a detective agency that checks out online dating sites. And it really gets into some fascinating stuff with technology, the use of the internet for people to meet up, all these issues. And she has her own personal issues as well dealing with her family and so forth. And it’s in New York, which is kind of cool because I always like stories about New York. Anyway I’d recommend it highly and it’s a lot of fun. It’s suspenseful, it’s got everything it takes to make it a page-turner. So on that note, I’ll just say, five stars for both books and thanks. I’ll talk to you later.

And a song! 🙂

PS: And speaking of technology and algorithms, here’s another song! “Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth”. This came up after the above video, as if on autopilot. 🙂

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