Hi! Today I’m reviewing Fire on the Island by Timothy Jay Smith.

Now, this is—I noticed it’s described as a romantic thriller, which is kind of interesting. I’d never heard such a term before, but that is indeed what it is. It is very much a romantic thriller. It is ostensibly about an FBI agent, I think, who goes to investigate a series of fires. It is an FBI agent, isn’t it? Yes! It is an FBI agent. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the book, but it’s an FBI agent. And, of course, I read it while gobbling down stacks of books for Hammett Award consideration, but … hey, whatever, right? 🙂 He goes to investigate a series of fires taking place on this island.

And the setting is very beautifully described. The stories are very much romance-oriented. There’s a young couple, that’s romantically involved. There are older people who are romantically involved or are married, dealing with all sorts of issues. And there’s a priest. And I won’t go into that. I’ll let you discover it by reading.

But the one thing I noticed is that you get so wrapped up in the stories about these people, you tend to forget that there’s this fire investigation going on. I did, anyway. And then it’s like, Oh, oh yeah, that’s right. There was a big fire investigation going on, too. Anyway. So if you like romantic suspense and you want thrills at the same time, Fire on the Island is a very good read. So there you go. And I’ll talk to you later!

PS: I forgot to mention that it takes place in a beautiful Mediterranean setting. 🙂

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