Hi. Today I’m reviewing Double or Nothing by Kim Sherwood. I really love this book. It’s the first James Bond novel written by a female author and she’s going to be on the podcast. I’ve already taped the interview and so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Check it out on the Crime Cafe Patreon page,. She’s really, she was just really an awesome person to talk to and I love the way they’ve promoted this book.

“The start of a brand new trilogy following MI6’s Double O agents with a license to kill that blows the world of James Bond wide open.” It does.

“James Bond is missing … Meet the new generation of spies.” Don’t you love that? I love it.

“The fate of the world rests in their hands. Time is running out,”

And this is such a great book. Time is running out and there’s a climate crisis and there are all these Double O’s running around, but not like in the original Casino Royale movie where there are a bunch of James Bonds running about. No, this is very serious and it’s written with this wonderful active style.

It’s kind of like a, sometimes almost stream of consciousness, but it just moves and you get a real sense of movement from the words and the action scenes are so well written. If you want to see some good action scenes, they’re in this book, this book that I’m holding up right now, Double or Nothing by Kim Sherwood. Kim Sherwood, yes. So having said that, I just want to say great job on this book and I loved it. There was maybe one part where I went, “Oh no, it can’t be!” But I will say that it’s just fantastic and the ending is just perfect. That’s all I’ll say about the ending. Perfect. Great book. Enjoy.

The mysterious 7-second gap in the recording! 🙂 Click the image to learn the history of that phrase!

I always forget to put something in. I always leave something out. I forgot to mention how distinctive and interesting each of the characters, each of the Double O’s are in this book. It’s not like you’re looking at James Bond clones at all. It’s a whole different take on James Bond, but yet at the same time, enough like Bond to make it a Bond novel. The Bond people were very involved in creating the book, so you can be sure of that much. It carries on the James Bond tradition. There, I said it.

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