This is without a doubt the funniest result I’ve gotten from’s regenerative AI summary function yet!

Speaker 1 reviews Terry Pratchett‘s book, A Stroke of the Pen: The Lost Stories, expressing great admiration for the collection. The speaker mentions that these stories are Pratchett’s early writings before his famous Discworld series, but there are references to Discworld in the collection. The speaker particularly enjoyed the story “How Scrooge Saw the Spectral Light (Ho! Ho! Ho!) and Went Happily Back to Humbug”, which features a twist on the character Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. The speaker also mentions that the foreword is by Neil Gaiman. The other speakers’ comments are unrelated and nonsensical.

BTW, there are no other speakers. Well, not really … 🙂

Hi. Today I’m reviewing Terry Pratchett‘s, A Stroke of the Pen: The Lost Stories. I really love this collection. It’s great. If you like Terry Pratchett, I think you’re going to love it, also. These are the early writings before Discworld, although Discworld does get a mention in there. Morpork makes its way into one part of one story. In any case, you can see the Terry Pratchett that’s going to come, coming from this. It’s just wonderful stuff and I can’t really pick a favorite, although I will kind of pick a favorite. I especially loved “How Scrooge Saw the Spectral Light (Ho! Ho! Ho!) and Went Happily Back to Humbug”.

Yes, Scrooge does a little turnaround. The little turnaround that he did at the end of A Christmas Carol comes back to bite him on the ass, so to speak, or bite everyone on the ass, maybe. He’s so benevolent, he ends up forming a big one big company called UniScrooge.

Any thoughts on that? Any similarities to anybody you can think of? [Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.] No, of course not. Yeah, the great satirist is coming out here and it’s wonderful, but wonderful fantasy. Yeah, it’s fantasy, right? None of this is real. Okay. I love Terry Pratchett, and we were just so lucky to have him in the world. That’s it. I’ll talk to you later.

Oh, and the foreword is by Neil Gaiman. Yay. Neil Gaiman. That’s it.

The rest is unrelated nonsense! 🙂

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