Hi, today I’m reviewing A Dreadful Splendor by B.R. Myers. This is an interesting twist on kind of like Victorian London Gothic mystery type stuff, romantic suspense sort of stuff. But there’s an interesting twist.

It’s about a fake psychic who, she thinks she’s a fake anyway and her mother has taught her the tricks of the trade, and she is swindling people in London out of their money through this service she provides, this psychic service connecting people with the dead. So it kind of reminds me of Ghost in that sense. The old movie Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg. And anyway, she ends up in jail and gets a reprieve through this guy who says, if you can connect this person, Mr. Pemberton, with his late wife who he mourned so much, whose death he is mourning so much, I will get you out of whatever horrible fate awaited her in jail.

So she goes off to this house and it’s kind of like a mystery in a big house full of people type thing. But at the same time, there’s this séance they’re working up to and it’s really quite suspenseful and interesting and with enough woo-woo in there to make it spooky, but not too much. And at the same time, the protagonist is just a very likable woman. You got to love her no matter what. And as it turns out, maybe there’s more to all this spiritual stuff than even she thinks. So in any case, I’ll just leave you with that and I will say that I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s really good. Five stars. Thank you.

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