Hi I have another review roundup today, a bunch of these.

My first one is What Jonah Knew. Barbara Graham wrote this, and this is very interesting. It’s a kind of an interesting concept. The protagonist, one of them anyway, is this woman named Helen who loses her son. He goes missing and presumed at some point to be dead, but she doesn’t wanna give up on him. It takes her a while to give up. Anyway, thing is that she has an encounter with another woman who’s pregnant and helps get her to the hospital, you know, so she can have her baby and all this kind of thing. And there seems to be some kind of mysterious paranormal thing going on here where her missing son possibly might be … I won’t say anything more. It just, it ruins it really, if I say more and maybe I’ve ruined it already, but the thing is it’s suspenseful and the end moves on a real nice fast clip there.And I liked it. It was a really good book.

You can buy the book here.

And let’s see what else? I’ve got some real interesting stuff here. Rook. I can’t pronounce your last name. I won’t even try. <Laugh> Steven G. Okay. Eo-an-nou, Eoannou (AI version: EO ENU, EO new 🙂 ). I don’t know if that’s it. Anyway, it’s called Rook and it’s actually based on a true criminal’s life. However, it’s fictionalized, highly fictionalized. In other words, it’s what the author imagined this man’s life might have been like, and you get to meet his wife, who is one of the most understanding, long suffering wives ever, I think and possibly little clueless as she’s depicted. But I suppose, you know, back then. I don’t know. What can I say? <Laugh> But it is, it’s very, very, very good reading. Excellent. Really excellent. Kept me just turning the pages and wondering what was going. I knew what was gonna happen kind of, but you don’t know what’s gonna happen. And the ending is interesting. A wonderful kind of twist at the end.

The book is available for sale here.

Yeah. Okay. Now next I will do Florida Woman, Deb Rogers. I really like this book. It says a lot about Florida. It says a lot about social media. It says a lot about going back to nature. It says a lot <laugh> there’s and it’s kind of like, okay, I mean, you kind of catch on early that something not so great is going on here, but nonetheless it works really well, really well, and I enjoyed the book very much. So yeah.

Check out the book, which is now on-sale here.

Now for my last two okay. I’ll do the the elderly ladies first. This one is so cool. A Beginner’s Guide to Murder by Rosalyn Stopps. Oh, my God. Did I love this book! <laugh> That’s all I can to say. I love this book. I loved this book so much. To see these elderly ladies dealing with a difficult situation the way they did with a person they didn’t know. And she is in a horrible situation and each of their personalities is so clearly defined. Although Grace and what’s the other one, Grace and Daphne, I tended to kind of get them confused sometimes, but that’s, I thought for the most part, this was a fantastic multi-perspective book of elderly women being protagonists. I loved it. I loved it, period. Okay. it’s oh, and it involves sex slavery and horrible things, but you don’t have to see the really horrible parts. You, you get to imagine the horrible parts rather than see them. Okay? All right.

BTW, the book is available for pre-order until August 30.

So having said that. <laugh> The Pallbears Club. Wow. where do I begin? If you’re into like vampires, you might like it. If you’re into paranormal mystery, you’ll probably like it. The only thing I would say other than the fact that it’s unique, brilliant, <Laugh> dare I say. It’s got this writing, this handwriting in the margins that is so tiny that I thought it was gonna strain my eyes reading it sometimes. But having said that it is well worth it. I mean, prepare to be a little, I don’t know, freaked out perhaps at what goes on this book. It’s like a horror movie kind of with a mystery with a, with vampires, maybe <laugh>.

You can pick up a copy here.

So anyway, that’s it for this roundup. And I’m trying to read these as fast as I possibly can, I assure you. And I’ll talk to you later. Thanks.

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