This week, I’m posting one of my very occasional book reviews. This book is recommended reading for fans of British mystery and suspense, in particular. It will become pretty obvious why as you read this! 🙂

Today’s recommended reading is Deadly Legacy by Daniella Bernett.

This book starts with the protagonist, British journalist Emmeline Kirby, having a chance meeting with a most peculiar man. One who will figure in matters later in the story. Exactly how, I cannot reveal without giving up too much information. But there’s almost a Hitchcockian feel to the encounter. That’ll give you an idea.

As a result of this brief meeting, Emmeline is pulled into a thorny situation that puts her life at risk. And intertwined with the mystery is her fractious relationship with her former lover, a charming jewel thief named Gregory Longdon. Said thief shares the stage with Emmeline in this series, since he obviously adores her and she feels likewise, but wishes she didn’t puts up with his presence, especially since he’s such a hottie.

This brings to mind yet another Hitchcock story. Charming jewel thief … hint, hint! 🙂

Be that as it may, the events that unfold put Emmeline hot on the heels of a story. One involving the Antwerp diamonds theft and murder. Her pursuit of the facts lead to escalating troubles, especially when she digs into the death of a friend’s fiancé, Ambrose Trent.

Hmm … Ambrose Trent. There’s something vaguely familiar about that name …

Perhaps it’s the story’s English setting that lends itself to its Hitchcockian feel. That plus its suspenseful and convoluted plot, which at its center features a man and woman who click well together, despite (or perhaps because of) their love-hate relationship.

Daniella Bernett weaves a complex and engaging tale of suspense and mystery in Deadly Legacy. Who is Ambrose Trent? Was Claire’s fiancé the real one? Is he involved with the diamond heist? Or is he just—dare I say it?—a MacGuffin?

To find out, you’ll simply need to read the book. And I highly recommend you do so.

By the way, the story has a shocker of a twist ending that took me by complete surprise—and I’m pretty good at spotting these things. And (small spoiler) the diamonds figure into it.

After all, diamonds are forever, right? 😉

PS: I received a free reviewer’s copy of this book in exchange for posting an honest review.

There! So much for the small print! 🙂

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