Hi! Today, I’m reviewing True Story: A Novel. You know, I saw True Story and I thought, perhaps this is true crime. No, it’s a novel by Kate Reed Petty.

And I gotta tell you, this is a really, really good book. It’s cleverly constructed. That’s one of the things that’s so interesting about it. And I started off just absolutely hating the voice of the person who started out in the story.

But you quickly figure a few things out as things change and develop over the course of this book. You’re getting all these different points of view in other words, and it’s really hard to tell who was who, and the book has a lot to say about bullying, victimization, things like that. And, well, it’s extremely interesting and a very well-written piece of crime fiction. So, well done! Five stars. I loved it.

That’s it. I’ll talk to you later.

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