Hi. Today I am reviewing The Last Word by Elly Griffiths. I really enjoyed this book. It’s a fantastic read. The characters are what really makes this book special. You have the older gentleman, Edwin, the younger man, Benedict, who works at a coffee shop. Edwin’s retired but very busy. Edwin is partnered with Natalka, who is Benedict’s fiance or girlfriend. I can’t quite remember. They ended up getting, yeah, never mind.

What I was saying was that these characters are really great. They’re so beautifully written, so vivid. I can totally picture them. And Edwin and Natalka get involved in investigating a potential murder. This woman claims that her father, her stepfather, I guess it was, murdered her mother, and the man has a connection to this group of writers, kind of a book club/writing group.

So it’s a story about writers too, and that always amuses me. In any case, I really love this book a lot. The characters are just fantastic. The mystery is intriguing. I have to say the clues, the revelations come fast and furious at the end, and my there seems to be a lot of speculation going on here. But in all fairness, what are you going to do in a situation such as in this book, except have to make certain assumptions.

So honestly, great read. Do read it. And I enjoyed it so much. I love Elly Griffiths’s writing and will read anything she’s written. I think at this point. That’s it and I will talk to you later. Thanks.

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