My heartfelt thanks to those of you who have lent your support for research into dystonia by donating to or joining my fundraising team, DMV Dystonia!

Here’s the announcement about my decision to form a team for Dystonia Virtual Zoo Day.

I’d like to acknowledge my team’s contributors, as well as my team members. It means the world to me that people are joining the team and/or donating to the cause!

My thanks (in alphabetical order) go out to donors Steve Avery, Ann Bracken, Eric Flint, Kathy Owens Hankins, Megan Levy, Jenny Milchman, Patricia Price, and Joan Ramirez. Thank you so much! My gratitude knows no bounds!

The team now consists of all the people listed here! And who I mention in this video! Plus Kathy Owens Hankins, who joined after I made the video! 🙂

Along with myself, we have nine team members!

All we need is one more to make the 10-member minimum for $100 in matching funds!

Can we do this? Let’s Zoo This! 🙂

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