Hi! I’m actually announcing a new release of a different sort for me. 🙂

As you may recall (if you still read blogs read this blog), I recently participated on the writing team that created a short film in 48 hours.

Well, we made the deadline! This was a totally volunteer effort, involving no strike-breaking or picket line-crossing.

The movie was screened at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland in mid-May.

It has now become accessible for free online! Just click here!

Sit back and enjoy “If You Can’t Take the Heat,” which BTW received an honorable mention for best use of character in the festival!

“Deliciously brutal!”

I even dragged myself out went to the premiere!

Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades! 🙂

But I had help!

Me with my husband and part-time cinematographer. 🙂

Do stick around for the credits! You’ll see my first one to occur on a big theatrical movie screen!

Hmm …? 🙂 What’s wrong with this picture? 🙂

Screenshot of the preview!

Actual view of post on the backend.

Actual view of post while being written.

Yes, I’d say something is very wrong, indeed.

Funny, the photos uploaded fine … I reduced the image size and everything. Oh, well.

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