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What’s a Civic Holiday?

As a citizen of the US of A and author of books I’d like readers around the world to enjoy, I try to be aware of holidays in places other than my own backyard. I only recently became aware of a Canadian civic holiday that is in effect today! What, you might ask,... read more

Have I Got a Deal for You!

If you love to read crime fiction (as I know I do), I have a deal for you. I’m sure you’ll want to know about the free and bargain ebooks this promotion is offering. Just click the banner or this link to learn more! My book Identity Crisis is only 99... read more

The Crime Cafe with Author Jason Michel

Being that my next Crime Cafe guest is a writer of many genres (or would it be cross-genres? Oh, who cares, right? 🙂 ), my headline hopefully reflects that tendency style. Jason Michel is an author. He’s also the “dictator” at Pulp Metal Magazine,... read more

Jason Michel’s Crime Cafe Giveaway

Even though we don’t have a guest post this week from Jason Michel, my interviewee on the next Crime Cafe episode is offering a giveaway! You can find that right on the Crime Cafe Patreon page. Just click that link to access it. It’s called Black-Hearted... read more

I Knew I Should’ve Written a Baseball Book

I was just reading in a newsletter about publicity tips for authors. And many of said tips suggested that I should’ve written a baseball book. I’m basing this primarily on the following: According to this article in Social Media Today: Facebook has released its latest... read more

Are You Looking for the Best Crime Fiction?

When I began blogging, I wrote a lot about what it was like to be a writer—the whole, horrible truth (with a dash of humor). I also blogged book reviews regularly on another now-dead blog. This eventually opened the door to the opportunity to write crime fiction... read more

This Weekend’s Thriller Ebook Deals

Hi! Just a quick post to let you know that my thriller novel The Planck Factor is available for a very reasonable 40% off as part of Kobo’s ebook deals this weekend. Here’s the link to access the buy page on Kobo! Now, even though I still see a $2.99 price... read more

Which Book Trailer Would You Use?

As you may know, I’m in the process of re-releasing my second book in the Sam McRae mystery series, Least Wanted. Now, it’s always nice to be able to trot out a decent book trailer to go with a (kind of) new book release. At least, a previously published... read more

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