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Why the Sam McRae Doesn’t Do Courtroom Scenes

One of the things people should know about the Sam McRae mysteries is that they’re not courtroom thrillers. In fact, when writing these books, I try to avoid courtroom scenes entirely. Part of the reason for this is that I’ve never wanted to write courtroom dramas. My... read more

Three Crime Fiction Giveaways

If you love mysteries and thrillers, you’ll want to get in on these three crime fiction giveaways while they last! My first novel, Identity Crisis, is only one of many intriguing mysteries that are part of the above giveaway. Click on the banner to enter. The... read more

Author Inc.

I found this old post from a dead former blog I once maintained, back in the days when I was doing freelance writing and self-publishing my fiction. I couldn’t tell you when I wrote this, but it would have to have been before January 2011, because I’d... read more

Best Way to Become a Mystery Author

When people ask me the best way to become a writer, one of the first things I tell them is to read books. Read the kinds of books you’d like to write. If you want to be a mystery author, you should be reading mysteries. Simple as that. However, don’t limit... read more

S is for Sue Grafton

It is truly a bummer to have to ring in the new year after suffering the loss of Sue Grafton. I’ll never forget the time I met her at Malice, so many years ago. She was a sweetie, not to mention being one the crime authors I found most inspiring around the time... read more

A Guest Post by B.L. Blair

Today, I have another guest post from mystery and romance author B.L. Blair., who’s written four novellas in the Lost and Found Pets series. This post features an excerpt from the fourth book, THE LOST MACAW. Enjoy! πŸ™‚ ***** The Lost Macaw is the fourth novella... read more

My Post About the Liebster Award!

Well, it’s been ages since I got a Lobster Award. I mean a Liebster Award. Frankly, I have no idea why was chosen for this incredible honor. But I am happy to accept it. So I would like to thank Shadows of the Day for nominating me for this … astonishing recognition.... read more

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